Click the links below to read key papers in our most studied areas of research.

Photochemistry exploits photons of lights as a reagentless and traceless reactant. Achieving high atom economy and efficency when applied to a photochemical flow process. Click to read how our group is utilising photochemistry to create valuable chemcial building blocks!
Green Chemistry
Flow chemsitry enables greener flow processes through enabling of biocatalysis, higher concentration, more efficent thermal control and better mixing. Click to read more on how flow chemistry is being used to develope greener processes!
Forbidden Chemistry
Forbidden chemistries are those which proceed via highly reactive intermediates or require life threatening reagents. Through flow chemsitry many of the restrictive safety precautions can be safely bypassed. Click to read more on how our group is exploiting the additional safety features of flow chemsitry to access reactive species.