Through the use of Vapourtec® flow reactors, syringe pumps and a combination of high power LED’s and Mercury lamps our gruop has developed numerous photochemical flow processes. Accessing new radical pathways for natural product synthesis, highly efficent processes to access chemical building blocks and invalubale intermediates with dynamic synthethic capabillities.

TBADT-Mediated C-C Bond Formation Exploiting Aryl Aldehydes in a Photochemical Flow Reactor

Read more about how TBADT can be effectivly scaled in a photochemical flow process to acess 1-4 functionalised building blocks.

Discovery of a photochemical cascade process by flow-based interception of isomerising alkenes
Discovered a new radical cascade which was discovered through the percise spatiotemporal control of flow reactors to produce a fused cyclic system often found in natural products.
A Scalable Continuous Photochemical Process for the Generation of Aminopropylsulfones
Read about the use of homogenous photocatalysts such as TBADT can functionalise non-reactive Sp3 C-H bonds to create valubale chemcial building blocks.