Mara Di Filippo

Mara graduated with a BSc degree in Chemistry from University of Messina in 2015 and with a MSc degree in Chemistry from University of Bologna in 2018. She joined the Baumann’s group to start her PhD in 2019 and she completed her study at the end of 2022. Her research focused on the development and optimization of methods for the synthesis of biologically active compounds through continuous photo-flow chemistry. She is now continuing her career as Post-Doc in the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genova, Italy.


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Academic awards and Merits

EDI CHAMPIONS OF THE YEAR, SSPC Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Award – September 2022
BOC gases award – Best PhD Project in School of Chemistry UCD – June 2021
RSC poster award (React. Chem. Eng.) at FROST8 – November 2021

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Oral Presentation

Mara presented 20 min presentation to peer collegues during her third year PhD. The presentation shows the work carried out during her PhD project.

Poster Presentations

Mara’s poster presented at FROST8 conference – Budapest 2021
Mara’s poster presented at CSCB Symposium – Dublin 2019