Lab Equipment

Flow Reactors

We have three different Vapourtech flow reactors and various syringe pumps we use constantly to carry out or work.

The E-Series flow reactor is equipped with a UV-150 photoreactor chamber, three v-3 vapourtech peristaltic pumps, three different LED lamps (420, 450 and 530 nm), one High Power Blue LED lamp (365 nm) and a mercury-vapour lamp. This robust and compact system enables many of our heterogenous reactions thanks to the v-3 pumps capability to pump air and gas mixtures as well as light slurries. Also shown is out heated glass chamber suitable for thermally direven reactions allowing temperatures up to 120 degrees.

The R-series flow reactor is the first reactor we had access too, this machine layed the groundwork for our first publications and is still used today!

The E-series scholar is the last pictured.


Our lab is convienently located within Universitiy College Dublin’s School of Chemistry. With easy access to Dublin through the several bus routes. Although if you want to visit or have any questions we recommend you contact Dr. Marcus Baumann directly beforehand!

Science Centre South, University College Dublin, Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4

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