Green Chemistry

Chemical manufactoring is amongst the most environmentally damaging industries. Yet its importance to sustaining a high quality of life is unchallenged. Read more below on how our research group is exploiting flow chemsitry for its superior control and efficency to develope greener and more sustainable chemical processes.

Coupling biocatalysis with high-energy flow reactions for the synthesis of carbamates and β-amino acid derivatives
In this publication read more about how biocatalysis enabled tagging of an undersireable impurity to enable a telescoped Curtius rearrangement to access carbamates and β-amino acid derivatives.

Continuous Flow Synthesis of Quinolines via a Scalable Tandem Photoisomerization-Cyclization Process In this publication read how photochemistry can be used in the presence of ethanol for the sustainable synthesis of quinolines. Further reduction used a H-cube for a highly economical flow functionalisation of the produced quinolines.
Evaluating the Green Credentials of Flow Chemistry towards Industrial Applications
In this short review read more about how flow chemsitry is enabling greener and more sustainable chemistry through improved reactor control, mixing and safety enabling alternative synthethic routes.