Former Group members

Graduated PhD’s

Erasmus, Masters and Internships

Erasmus & Erasmus+

Silvia Spiccio – Erasmus+ from Genova (Italy) – (Jan/Mar 2022)

Stefano Bonciolini – Erasmus+ – Currently he is a PhD student with Prof. Timothy Noel (Amsterdam)

Auguste Robin – Erasmus+ from Sigma-Clermont (France)

Thomas Rechaussat – Erasmus+ from ENSCR Rennes (Frances)

Juliette Buneaux – Erasmus+ from Sigma-Clermont (France)

UCD Masters

Alex Leslie – UCD Research MSc

Angel Joseph Maria – UCD Taught MSc

Conor Lennon – UCD Research MSc

Wentao Mai – UCD Taught MSc

Samuel Joseph – UCD Taught MSc

Huan Zhang – UCD Taught MSc


Miguel Maia – Visiting PhD from Porto (Portugal) – (Sep/Dec 2021)

Tilly Duffy – Visiting undergraduate from Michigan State University (Jun/Aug 2021)

Dr. Alex Padgham – Postdoctoral fellow, PDRA (Pfizer)

Amber Barry – Visiting UCD undergraduate

Elena Chiurchiù – Visiting PhD from Camerino (Italy)

Y Dang – Visiting undergraduate from Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA, U.S.A.)

Jonathan Devlin – Visiting UCD undergraduate